How to root Samsung Galaxy S Lightray SCH-R940

Updated on March 23, 2020

On this page, you will learn how to root Samsung Galaxy S Lightray SCH-R940 running on android 2.3 using the Framaroot Application.

Caution: Rooting may void your smartphone warranty and unrooting it later might not get back the device warranty. So, beware.

Root Samsung Galaxy S Lightray SCH-R940

Step 1: Enable installation of apps from unknown source. To enable: Open Settings > Security > Device Administration > Unknown Sources (tap on the checkbox to enable it).

install app unknown source samsung

Step 2: Download Framaroot Application and install it on your Smartphone.

Step 3: Once, you have completed the installation process, you will be able to see the framaroot application in the Menu.

framaroot installed samsung

Step 4: Now, Tap on the Framaroot Application Icon to launch it.

open framaroot app samsung

Step 5: Once, Framaroot Application is launched, you will be able to see the similar screen on your device:

framaroot launched samsung

Step 6: In Framaroot you will be able to see the list of exploits, that allows you to root your Samsung device. Simply, tap on any Option to root your device (if one exploits didnt work then try other).

framaroot gandalf samsung

Step 7: If any of the framaroot exploit works on your device, then you will be able to see the success message on your device screen.

framaroot success samsung

Step 8: Now, restart your smartphone.

Step 9: Once your device is restarted, check the application menu for the SuperSU app. If SuperSU app exists on your device then Open it.

supersu Installed samsung

Step 10: If SuperSU app ask then allow to update the binary.

Step 11: Now, Download and install Root Checker Application from the play Store to check the root status of your device.

Optional: After rooting the device, You can uninstall the Framaroot Application from your device.

Readme Once:

[*] The above tutorial is only for Samsung Galaxy S Lightray SCH-R940 running on Android 2.3. If your device isnt on Android 2.3 then there are lots of chances that the above tutorial wont work for you.

[*] Tested Tutorial: The Above tutorial is made after testing the framaroot application on the device.

[*] Credits: Framaroot Application is created by alephzain (senior xda forum developer). So full credits goes to him for the application.

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